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When you read the word cover, you imagine that it is to protect, so a mattress cover will be something that protects the mattress. Well, so far everything is clear, but would you really know how to define what a mattress cover is and what differentiates it from other protective elements? We are here for something.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the mattress cover is a product that protects the mattress in an integral way from dirt, humidity and its natural deterioration. In short, they perfectly cover all 6 sides and are usually made with a U- or L-shaped zipper that makes them easy to put on.

With this explanation, you may be wondering what the difference is between a mattress cover and a mattress protector or even if they are the same thing. Let's start by clarifying that they are not the same and, now, we are going to know what the main differences are:

Mattress covers:

  • They completely cover the mattress, protecting it on all 6 sides.
  • If you have a slatted base, it is the best protection for your mattress because dust does not settle on the bottom.
  • They have a U-shaped or L-shaped zipper that facilitates their placement and adjustment.

Mattress protector:

  • Protects 5 sides of the mattress: the top and the sides
  • Ideal if you sleep on a divan or upholstered base, as it covers all exposed parts of the mattress.
  • They fit under the mattress with an elastic band like a fitted sheet.

Why it is useful to buy a mattress cover

Mattress covers, as we have already said, completely cover the mattress and, therefore, offer it an extra layer of protection. Its main function is to protect the integrity of the mattress and, of course, we all like to keep our mattress intact for as long as possible.

In this way, we can say that mattress covers extend the life of the mattress, allow it to remain as new and delay the deterioration that occurs over the years. When you put the cover on it, it will be covered and totally isolated from dust.

When you put the mattress cover on, it acts as a barrier to stains and moisture, so it stays clean and in great condition (which doesn't free you from washing the mattress from time to time, but it does less periodically).

The covers incorporate padding and treatments that help to considerably improve the comfort of your mattress. In addition, the different fabrics and the different compositions create an immense range of features that can be added to the mattress through the covers.

Another advantage that mattress covers give us is that they protect against any fluid. They act as waterproof and prevent moisture from penetrating the mattress.

What is the best mattress cover?

For many, decision-making is an ordeal, but this decision is easier: Do you want to protect your mattress? Yes or no. We hope that the answer is always yes, because taking care of your mattress is synonymous with taking care of your rest. So, once you have decided that you want to incorporate a mattress cover into your bed accessories, we are sorry to tell you that now you have to decide the most important part: which is the best option. Luckily you are talking to sleep experts and we know what the best option is.

There is a wide variety of covers on the market that are made with different materials and have different characteristics. At Jack Beds we know exactly what is best for you and your mattress, so we have come to present you with the definitive option (if you have others in mind)... The Velfont Elastic Rizo mattress cover.

Our Elastic Rizo cover is made with 100% cotton of the best quality, very absorbent and elastic, so you won't have to worry about possible spills on your bed or if it doesn't adapt well to your bed. mattress. We assure you that it can be easily placed thanks to the elasticity of its fabric and its “U”-shaped zipper, which hermetically wraps the mattress.

This cover guarantees the total hygiene of the mattress, since it fully protects it against dirt, dust and chafing against the base of the bed. As you can see, all the advantages that a mattress cover can offer you are united in ours.

When do I know I need a mattress cover

We are warning you that a spoiler is coming: you need it NOW. As you are reading it and without being an exaggeration.

The function of a cover is precisely to protect and prevent. In other words, if the intention is to wait until your mattress is sufficiently deteriorated for you to decide to cover it and not have to see the state it is in... A cover is not what you need.

A cover does not help to recover the initial state of the mattress or its properties from the moment you bought it. Its function is precisely to maintain these properties and that good condition from the beginning of its days and prevent any external agent from contributing to the deterioration of your mattress. So if we can give you advice, it is to be cautious. Don't wait until it's too late or until the life of your mattress is cut in half. Take advantage of the fact that you have such useful and effective options as the mattress cover and start protecting it now. It does not matter that your mattress is not completely new, with the use of the cover you will prevent it from deteriorating rapidly and you will be able to extend its useful life.