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Do you know what your bed cover is? The quilt. This item is a must-have to stay warm in winter, just like scarves, tall boots and hats. Once you try sleeping in a bed that is covered by a quilt, you won't want to get out of it. You'll consider the option of teleworking or giving up the mortal life, and hibernating like bears. It's a combo of satisfaction, comfort and taste.

With a quilt forget about sleeping with many heavy blankets, which do not even let you turn around. Among the advantages of comforters is that they do not weigh, they are lighter than a feather, and never better said. They are composed of down, recycled fiber, anti-mite cotton and microfiber.

Jack Beds knows that everyone who tries it falls for its charms.

Which quilt is the best for me?

Jack Beds serves all its customers, regardless of their tastes or characteristics. In the comforter range, we have not forgotten the most "eco" customers, those who like to bet on quality products without forgetting to take care and maintain the environment. For them we have the Velfont Denver Eco comforter, filled with Neotherm Eco recycled fiber.

It is composed of recycled material, reducing the amount of waste we generate and saving virgin raw material.

A perfect nod to our system!

You may wonder how much waste has been necessary for a Velfont Denver Eco quilt, because Jack Beds has the answer: between 1 and 2 containers full of plastic; materials that have a biodegradation process of around 450 years. Thought-provoking, isn't it? This product obtains the independent international GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

It also has a fabulous silk feel and a beige ribbon on the outside. And it is very practical if you have to take it on a trip, as it comes with a fantastic zippered pouch.

And following the "echoes" line, we find the Velfont Denver Eco comforter. It has a microfiber fabric that will be softer "than a kitten's belly". Its filling is made of siliconized hollow fiber conjugated with Neotherm Eco, which obtains an outstanding comfort and quality in equal parts. It is designed with horizontal ribbing and a green ribbon covering all edges.

Practical as well as beautiful!

The good and useful thing about the Velfont Denver Eco comforter is that it is available in weights of 125 g/m², 250 g/m² or duo, 125 g/m² + 250 g/m; this means that it can be used all year round. In summer only using one, to be cooler in this case replacing the sheet; and in winter using it as a duo, to generate more pressure and heat.

In Jack Beds we also think of those who get sick with dust mites and other agents, that is, for allergy sufferers. In our catalog you will find the Velfont Berlin comforter.

Although this quilt is not only for allergy sufferers, but for them and for all those who like 100% cotton and natural fabrics. The filling is made of hollow fiber with Acarsan Natural anti-mite treatment. This fiber offers fabulous thermal properties and high quality. In addition, its treatment is elaborated with vegetable extracts scientifically tested by TEC (Technique Environnement Consultants), a European reference laboratory in the study of mites.

And like Velfont Berlin, the entire Velfont anti-dust mite range is certified by both the British foundation Allergy UK and the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), which guarantees that the Velfont Acarsan Natural range reduces the multiplication of dust mites, while maintaining its effectiveness throughout the washes.

The Berlin Anti-Dustmite comforter is available in the following weights: 125 g/m² (recommended for spring-summer), 250 g/m² (recommended for autumn), 400 g/m² (recommended for winter) and duo 125 g/m² + 250 g/m² (two comforters that can be used separately or together all year round).

And finally, dear jacklovers, you can find down comforters, we have 90% Velfont Ordino and 95% Velfont Aspen; both with 100% cotton fabric and a touch that induces you to sleep.

Is there a quilt for my bed?

Jack Beds manufactures all the quilts suitable for all beds, look for your measurements:

  • 150X220 (Bed of 80-90 cm)
  • 180x220 (Bed of 105-120 cm)
  • 220x220 (Bed of 135-140 cm)
  • 240x220 (Bed of 150-160 cm)
  • 260x240 (Bed of 180 cm)