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If there is something we take care of inside our bed, it is the sheets. It is probably the accessory that we look at the most, in addition to being the one that we wash most often (or, at least, it should be). Sheet sets are a very important part of the design and aesthetics of our bed, since they are the ones that can offer us a wider variety.

It is recommended to change the mattress approximately every 10 years, taking into account that it is kept in good condition, so that it is most likely that the mattress will accompany us for many more years, so little aesthetic variety can be offered to our bedroom, but, luckily, the sheet sets are always there and we can often renew them or add more to our collection.

We can say that a set of sheets is the essential complement for our bed, in addition to that we must take into account that it is what is in constant contact with our body, so we must choose well.

However, we understand that at the time of purchase online (or even in the physical store) the question arises as to what is included in the set of sheets: does it have one pillowcase or two? Does it have a bottom sheet? You don't have to worry, here you will find out everything that our set of sheets includes.

What kind of sheets are there?

A sheet set doesn't just have to be pretty, it also has to be comfortable and functional. Although they were originally made with double thread, they finally found a much better material: cotton. However, today we can see that they are made with other very different materials, the most common are:

  • 100% cotton sheets: It is one of the best options for summer, since it is a fresh, soft and fluid fabric. In addition, it should be noted that the material is completely natural without synthetic mixtures, so that it helps to avoid the appearance of allergies
  • Polyester sheets: This is one of the most common materials found in the textile sector and is artificially manufactured with resin. It is a material that is very resistant to chemical agents and humidity, in addition to the fact that you will hardly be able to find wrinkles in it. One less thing for the pile of clothes to iron!
  • Satin cotton sheets: It is easy to differentiate them by their shiny appearance and their especially soft touch. They are made with silk fibers and will give your bed an elegant and sophisticated look.

Then we find sets of sheets that combine some of the materials already mentioned and that provide extra comfort and elegance to the material. Of course, this is our case, since at Jack Beds we always make sure to surprise you and that our products give you that "I don't know what" that you didn't even know you needed,

Which is the best set of sheets

Based on the fact that we have already seen the materials our sheet sets can be made of... When we think about design, we see that we can find sheet sets with all the patterns and colors that we can imagine. We bet on plain colors that can fit perfectly with any decoration and with an elegant and sophisticated touch.

  • Bassols New York sheet set: As we have mentioned, we like to add an extra to your purchase. This set of sheets is made with 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton but also incorporates satin; In each set we can find 300 satin threads that will make you want to slide through its softness. A bead elegantly frames the countertop and pillowcases, giving the piece greater sophistication. And its satin fabric provides a unique freshness and softness for your skin.

    Its elegant design makes it an essential model for any bedroom, adding that sophisticated touch of satin itself. In addition, it can be combined with plain ones, as well as with geometric or floral motifs; if you like prints, it can always be an option with which to combine our set of sheets. Since we have decided that the fabric should be plain and help bring visual serenity to your resting place, we have made sure that you can find the sheet set in four colours: beige, white, blue and grey.</ p>

How to take care of a set of sheets?

It is essential to ensure that our bedding is properly hygienic, since our rest will largely depend on it. As we already know, the set of sheets is in constant contact with our body, so that bad odours, the accumulation of dead skin or the accumulation of bacteria can directly affect our sleep and our health.

So what should we do? Something as simple as making sure to maintain a good wash periodically. That period cannot be one month, nor two, it must be one week. It is important to incorporate the pleasant sensation of the "smell of clean sheets" into our weekly routine and for this we just have to change them.

Normally, the pieces that make up the set of sheets can be washed in the washing machine, but it is always advisable to make sure of the warnings that are on the label. In this way we ensure that we meet the washing needs of each material and save ourselves the hassle of our favorite set of sheets coming out of the washing machine having to go straight to the garbage can.