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      Duvet covers
      Duvet cover MoonDuvet cover Moon
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        Duvet covers
        Experience the luxury of sleeping wrapped in our Moon duvet covers.
        Duvet cover MoonDuvet cover Moon
          Duvet covers
          Experience the luxury of sleeping wrapped in our Moon duvet covers.
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          The cold is here and you need to dress your bed so you don't freeze during the long winter nights, but you don't want to put one of those heavy blankets that have been in your closet since last season. We have it! It is time to get a duvet cover and make your bed look ideal.

          But… what is a duvet cover?

          The duvet cover has become an ideal complement for our beds and an alternative that generates great demand from users, since it is a very practical option for dressing the bed.

          It is a very simple element in which a Nordic filling is inserted, usually down, and which, therefore, will serve as a blanket and a sheet at the same time.

          Using a duvet cover provides many advantages. A clear example is saving time, since we only have to wash the outer cover continuously, which is much more comfortable than having to wash the padding periodically.

          Another of their characteristics is their decorative function, since there are a large number of combinations and models that adapt perfectly to the taste of each user.

          Something that we can consider “essential information” is that making the bed will stop becoming a nightmare and become a pleasure when we see that we can do it in just a few seconds; how long it takes to stretch it and place it on top of your beloved mattress.

          As for the padding, the most common thing is to wash it once a season, as long as we take care of airing it every day so that moisture does not accumulate. Yes indeed! When we wash it, it should be at a low temperature and then make sure that it dries properly, since if moisture accumulates inside it, it can be damaged. The duvet cover can be washed without problems, always consulting the manufacturer's instructions, since depending on the material it will be convenient to do it one way or another.

          Which is the best duvet cover?

          Bearing in mind that it is an accessory for the bed that will not only help us to cover ourselves from the cold but it is also a basic and remarkable element in the decoration of our room, so we must choose taking into account all its functions .

          We offer you the possibility of having a cover that allows you to use it at any time of the year. And we're talking about… The Velfont New Jersey duvet cover! It is a calm and timeless collection, made with elastic cotton "jersey" knit fabric. Designed to dress your bed in a natural way and bring to your home that harmony that we like so much. In addition, you can choose it in white, and you can also get it reversible, combining grey/anthracite and beige/wenge, depending on which color best suits your decoration.

          It should be noted that it is an ideal cover for duvet filling of any weight and type; down or fiber, since it is made with button closure, click type.

          And not only that! To create your own universe of rest, this duvet cover is complemented by a matching fitted sheet and pillowcase.

          Even if you don't think that's all, we also have the ideal duvets that will serve as padding for your cover. As we have already mentioned, it accepts fillers of any kind, although some of our favorites are:

          The Denver Eco duvet cover by Velfont is made with smooth microfiber fabric with an extra-soft touch. The filling of this duvet is Neotherm® Eco conjugated silicone hollow recycled fiber that has the same thermal, touch and recovery properties as virgin fiber, but reduces the volume of waste we generate on the planet, saving virgin raw material. In addition to comfort, sustainability is another of our priorities.

          The Ordino Velfont duvet is made with a 100% down-proof cotton outer fabric, which prevents the passage of the very fine down filling. The filling of this duvet is made of high-quality virgin down, not crushed, subjected to rigorous sanitary controls and is sanitized, disinfected and sterilized. This duvet provides natural air conditioning and great thermal power, since it does not accumulate moisture, allowing the skin to breathe. It should also be noted that it is a light and comfortable product that will help you sleep more peacefully.

          How do I choose the best duvet cover for me?

          To properly choose your duvet cover, you must take into account the composition, the way it closes and the size of your bed. The design is another important factor, but it will depend on your personal tastes and the decoration of your home, although you do not have to worry since there are multiple options among which the one for you is sure to be the right one.

          Let's start by talking about the three basic compositions for duvet covers:

          • 100% cotton duvet cover: natural fiber. The touch is very soft, breathable and long lasting.
          • Duvet cover 50% cotton and 50% polyester: It has a soft touch, is easy to iron and is long lasting.
          • 100% polyester duvet cover: It also has a soft touch and durable material, the interesting thing is that it does not need to be ironed, which is a plus point for all the people who hate iron.

          As for the closing method, you should choose the one that is most comfortable for you, there are three ways to close the cover so that the filling comes out: by means of a zipper, in the form of a bottle neck and with an open pass that contains a top or bottom tab.

          Something fundamental is the size, you must make sure that it is the right one for your bed, otherwise it can end up being a hindrance. To find out which is the perfect size for you, do not hesitate to consult our rest advisor.