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Why buy Jack Beds?


Interestless Finance

The day is hard, stressful and exhausting, isn't it? Imagine sleeping in a hotel for 5 stars every night for 11 a day. Thanks to the facility funding up to 36 months without interest, you can invest in you and your rest in comfortable quotas. Fast, digital and paperless!

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100 Test nights


Jack Beds is 99% convinced that you'll sleep well from the beginning, but in case, we offer 100 test nights so you can change it to another model of the same measurements.

Shipping, Mounting and Removing

We are counting on our impeccable logistics department, which will process and organise the dispatch and installation of your new rest equipment in an agile, punctual and professional manner. And yes, we take the old mattress too! Shipping and assembly across the peninsula

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Sending Express


We are aware that time is gold, we have products in stock so that we can be as fast as we need it. Find what you need this link and we will try to deliver it in 24/72 working hours.


10 years warranty

We're obsessed with doing things better than the rest of us, and for that we're only working on top-quality, locally manufactured products. We offer up to 10 years of warranty covering any manufacturing damage to a greater brevity, without complications.