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    Pillowcase MoonPillowcase Moon
      Pillowcase MoonPillowcase Moon
        Immerse yourself in an oasis of comfort with our Moon pillowcases.
        Pillowcase MoonPillowcase Moon
          Immerse yourself in an oasis of comfort with our Moon pillowcases.
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          We all know what a pillowcase is, but do we know why we use it? We are probably thinking of it as part of the bedding that helps decorate your room and improve the look of your bed. Well, that may be one of its functions, but it is certainly the most irrelevant.

          As we well know, we spend a large part of our lives in bed, specifically we could say that a third of our lives. So, as you will understand, it is inevitable that dirt accumulates no matter how clean we go to sleep. Luckily, there is an ideal complement that prevents our pillow from falling victim to all that dirt: the pillowcase. This will be in charge of protecting you from the bacteria that accumulate and will extend the useful life of your pillow.

          Pillow covers are made with a wide variety of materials that give them different properties. We can find covers made of cotton, linen, flannel, polyester, silk and other materials that will help us find the ideal cover to meet our needs.

          Best pillowcases

          As we have already said, there is a great variety of materials with which pillowcases are made, since their different properties will determine which is the best in each case.

          At Jack Beds we love the word “variety”, which is why we always come up with more than one option that can meet your needs.

          If you prefer colourful, calm and timeless bedding that is quality and provides extra comfort, we are pleased to announce that the Velfont New Jersey pillowcase, made with stretch cotton knit, is the one for you. you.

          If you are one of those people for whom the word “mites” make you itchy and you try to avoid them at all costs, at Jack Beds we have the Velfont Anti-mite pillowcase. It is a waterproof and breathable cover made with high-quality fabric that incorporates the Acarsan Natural® anti-mite treatment made with plant extracts.

          If allergies usually accompany you wherever you go, the Natursan pillowcase is probably what you need. It is made of 100% extra-soft organic cotton fabric that is very pleasant to the touch and that provides great absorption and breathability, benefits of cotton.. It guarantees the hygiene of the pillow, since it combines total protection against liquids and humidity with a high degree of breathability, allowing air to pass through.

          You may also be looking for a cover that is as sustainable as possible. In that case, we congratulate you, we also do our bit to try to minimize the impact on our planet. In that case, in our catalog, we have the 3-layer Bamboo pillowcase. It is made with 100% bamboo fabric of maximum absorption, softness and freshness. In addition, its polyurethane laminate makes this pillowcase waterproof and breathable, providing complete protection against liquids as well as a fresh, healthy and sweat-free rest.

          Bamboo is the most regenerating plant on the planet and, therefore, it is an ecological and sustainable resource. In addition, it provides a high level of moisture absorption (up to 6 times more than cotton), also protecting your pillow from mites.

          All our covers fit perfectly to fully protect the pillow, preventing unwanted movement and facilitating its placement and removal.

          How to choose the best pillowcase

          To choose the pillowcase that best suits your needs, you must first take into account the size. It seems obvious, but the truth is that many times we buy covers that do not fit the size of our pillow. If we find that the covers are smaller, we probably can not even get them to wrap the pillow and, if we do, the chances of it ending up ripping are high. If, on the other hand, the covers are larger, we will see that they look especially bad on an aesthetic level and that they are very uncomfortable when sleeping, since folds are made in the fabric that will not let us enjoy our rest.

          A cover that protects us from mites is essential for our health; It is ideal that they have a good waterproofing system and that they are breathable. For people who suffer from any type of allergy, they should make sure that their covers are hypoallergenic.

          It is important to take into account the comfort that the cover will provide us, thick fabrics tend to generate a sensation of softness that can favor comfort in our rest.

          You have to take into account the material with which they are made to ensure, on the one hand, good protection and, on the other, a greater feeling of comfort. There are materials such as cotton and polyester that help to have a quality cover and, as you may have noticed, cotton is one of the main materials that you find in our covers.

          How often is it convenient to wash them?

          Pillowcases are a very important factor in protecting and maintaining our hygiene in the bedroom, so it is essential to take care of them properly.

          They are in permanent contact with our hair and our skin, so that remains of dead skin, hair residues such as hair gel and body fluids such as sweat and saliva adhere to them. A very nice image, we know. That is why we recommend you wash the pillowcases at least once a week.

          If we do not maintain good hygiene, the set of factors already mentioned can cause health problems such as acne, allergies, or a significant drop in our defenses.