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    Pillow Velfont LatexPillow Velfont Latex
      Latex pillows
      Pillow Velfont LatexPillow Velfont Latex
        Latex pillow and double pillowcase with anti-stress fabric with zipper.
        Pillow Velfont LatexPillow Velfont Latex
          Latex pillow and double pillowcase with anti-stress fabric with zipper.
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          When you're done with a hard day's work, all you need to do is get home and go to bed to try to regain all the energy you've lost. Obviously you expect your mattress to embrace your whole body, but where do you rest your head?

          Even if they are undervalued, pillows are a key addition to a good night's rest, and as you know, resting is essential to maintaining the pace of life you lead.

          Choosing the ideal pillow is key to avoiding and preventing neck pain. In addition, if you suffer from neck discomfort and headaches, you should spend extra time deciding on the pillow that will help you improve your health. It is not enough to choose a good mattress, although we must warn you that a Jack will make you believe otherwise, because when you try it and feel that it catches you and that you have never tried something so comfortable, you will think that it is all you need to sleep. like a baby.

          But even though mattresses are a very important element at rest, think about all the times you get up with neck pain because your pillow is not the right one. It is frustrating to invest in a good mattress and still be in pain, so make sure your bed pack is complete and that no part of your body will be forced to suffer from a bad decision.

          Benefits of a Latex Pillow

          We could say that latex offers the perfect combination of firmness and support, since it is a material firm enough to be comfortable and in turn maintain the natural position of the head and neck.

          One of its main advantages is its quality, as the material is durable and, therefore, prevents it from deforming, which is essential to promote rest. In addition, latex pillows offer great comfort.

          In terms of comfort and rest, latex allows us to maintain a good cervical position, so that it exponentially reduces the chances of pain and discomfort and ensures adequate rest.

          This material is breathable, which means that the pillows do not generate heat, which is very positive, especially when we think of the summer season.

          Another very positive factor is that latex is a very easy to wash and very hygienic material, that is, all types of latex are mold-proof and anti-microbial and do not allow the growth of mites and the accumulation of allergens. . If you're prone to allergies and spring makes you sneeze more than usual, we've found the perfect pillow for you!

          Which ones are the best?

          Jack Beds has many different pillows in its catalog, among them are, of course, latex pillows, although if you think it's not what you need, we also have viscoelastic pillows, fiber and microfiber pillows and pillows of down.

          For now, let's talk about the best latex option you'll find:

          • Velfont Latex Pillow: This is a pillow with a natural and ecological latex core, a material that is non-deformable, flexible and ergonomic. When you try it you will notice that it adapts to the natural curvature of the body providing a restful rest. In addition, the core of the Latex Pillow is perforated for maximum breathability. of carbon that absorb and eliminate static electricity. It is ideal, but we know that the most ideal is the anti-stress part, which we really miss.

          In which case do we recommend a latex pillow?

          Latex pillows are better suited to the cervical cavity, offer a good grip on the head and also allow an intermediate firmness, ie do not sink excessively. And that's not all, as they allow great freedom of movement and do not transmit too much heat.

          So, in addition to being hot, I move at night and want to sleep comfortably, when will a latex pillow be a good choice for me? You see, this is an ideal pillow for people who sleep on their side thanks to the good support of the neck. In addition, it is considered an ideal material also for corpulent people and for those who are allergic to mites. In short, we can say that latex is a good choice for a large part of the population because its properties cover many of the needs we have when sleeping.

          Will I have a pillow for my bed?

          Jack Beds makes all pillows suitable for all beds: 70, 75, 90, 105, 135 and 150. In case yours is bigger, you can always opt for the option of taking two small . This gives you independence of beds and is more comfortable, especially for those who prefer to sleep while maintaining their personal space, although we will not be the ones to tell you that it is better to sleep on your side of the bed and not the teaspoon.

          If you have any doubts or just want to see the product in person, you can find us in Barcelona (Macià, Aragó, Mitre, Gràcia, Poblenou, Sants or Maragall) or in Badalona, Mataró or Sant Cugat del Vallès. There you will find flagship professionals, who will solve all your doubts and problems, as they are experts at rest who will help you find the best option for you.

          Don't wait any longer, get closer to your nearest Jack Beds and we'll make you dream.