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About us

Jack Beds is going through the roof! And dreams, never better said, come true.

This cosmopolitan mattress company started in 2017, exactly with a small neighborhood store in Barcelona. But today, four years later, we already have a total of fifteen workers, 5 stores in Barcelona and one more in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Effort, sacrifice and perseverance have been the keys to Jack Beds' success.



When it came to thinking about the name of the company, it was clear. They were looking for a great name for what would end up being a great company. Then Josep Maria Arrufat Capdevila, JAC for short, came to mind. He was the grandfather of founder and CEO Alejandro Arrufat.

They chose him because he was a tailor by profession, and who set the standard for attention to detail and quality of products, especially fabrics. A great tribute to someone who truly deserved and earned it.

And obviously beds because it is a mattress and beds company. Undoubtedly, a nice way to give a nod to our products, plus it's an easy name to remember.

Among the most outstanding values of the company are to give a close and honest personalized customer service. We are proud to say that we offer you what you dream of.

With the unique and individualized treatment by flag, we adapt to all the conditions and needs that you may have. From allergies, health problems, we even consider the different economic options that our customers have.

We have thought of all this, that's why we offer you a wide range of possibilities. We want everyone to enjoy a pleasant and restful sleep.

Furthermore, we will always give you the key to find the product you need! !


The professional team at Jack Beds loves to know who you are. That allows us to help you find what you want and need.

That is why we are committed to small, modern and cosmopolitan stores, where we offer personalized attention from the very first moment.

Proximity is paramount, and our customer comes first!



What's better than being able to touch your products first hand? Jack Beds is committed to promote national manufacturing at a higher level. It has factories in Tarragona, Barcelona and Valencia.

In our company, we consider it vital to be close to the manufacturing points. In this way, it is possible to have a greater exhaustive control over the quality processes, elaboration, and how they are produced. To value that, the product is excellent for the clients and to be able to verify it.

And likewise, it has been verified that internal communication within the company works better, and the contact between the members who create the platform is closer. We are like a big family. And, in addition, we promote more jobs and outlets at the national level.


How do I get the mattress to my home? At Jack Beds, we'll walk you through the entire buying process. From the moment you set foot in the store until you stretch out on your new mattress.

We have our own transporters and assemblers.

At Jack Beds, we consider it essential that our products are in good hands. And to ensure this, we provide specific training to our entire team. Thanks to this, in all our stores you will be attended by an expert and qualified staff. Excellence in service is one of the hallmarks of the house is why all staff have the same values as Jack Beds, we are a small big family.


Jack Beds offers you the 360° plan. This includes personalized attention, delivery times and after-sales service. Even if you have already made your choice, bought it and have it at home, you can always consult us and ask us questions with total confidence.

The staff that attended you will always be willing to continue helping you as much as you need.

The 360° plan was consolidated to simplify all processes, eliminating intermediaries to offer a comprehensive service. This way, everything stays in-house and possible mishaps are reduced.



If you are looking for a company that is clear, concise and direct, Jack Beds is your store! We are a totally transparent company. Our best advertisement is that we offer the best price from the beginning. Here you will find the best sleep products both economically and ergonomically.


At Jack Beds, we prioritize national manufacturing with factories in Tarragona, Barcelona and Valencia, ensuring the quality of our products.

In addition, we support local commerce with 10 stores throughout the province of Barcelona, strengthening the economy of our community and providing exceptional products to our customers.



Do you have questions or just want to know more? In Jack Beds you will find a blog section within the web where we publish many articles. You can enjoy a lot of quality content to keep you up to date or inform you about how to get the best rest.