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    Mattress Jack Pearl
      Latex mattresses
      Mattress Jack Pearl
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        Latex mattresses
        Rest in the perfection and softness of latex on our Jack Pearl mattress, designed to offer you the best support and breathability throughout your sleep.
        Mattress Jack Pearl
          Latex mattresses
          Rest in the perfection and softness of latex on our Jack Pearl mattress, designed to offer you the best support and breathability throughout your sleep.




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          Why a latex mattress?

          Jack Beds has a wide variety of mattress types, including latex mattresses.

          Its main component is natural and is extracted from rubber.

          Thanks to which, mattresses have a great recovery capacity.

          It is true that there is another type of latex, synthetic, with lower quality and originating mainly from petroleum.

          But at Jack Beds we do not work with this material, all our mattresses are made of 100% natural latex.

          In addition, natural latex mattresses have numerous advantages such as: ease of movement, avoiding sinking and high adaptability; his wonderful touch, which becomes a great temptation for many; and with a nod to caring for the environment, since they are made from the milky sap of the rubber tree.

          “Calm mind, calm body.”

          I see enough reasons to get one of our Jacks now!

          What are latex mattresses made of?

          Jack Beds only manufactures 100% natural latex mattresses, with resin produced by the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

          It does not have any mattress made of synthetic material.

          The professionals of our company valued that the natural option is better, since the mattresses have greater flexibility and adaptation, which makes their rest longer and more pleasant.

          Within the range of latex mattresses, there are two different options:

          The mattress with a latex core, made up of a profiled block.

          Its composition provides a soft and pleasant texture; and can be compatible with articulated beds.

          The spring mattress with a latex adaptation layer, differs in its adaptation, offering a sensation of firmness and complete stability.

          How to determine which is the best latex mattress for you?

          Are you a chilly person? Well, within the catalog of latex mattresses that Jack Beds has, you have to take the Jack Pearl.

          Neither cold in winter, nor hot in summer.

          This mattress has a double face for each time of the year and thanks to its natural wool it offers a soft welcome with a thermoregulatory effect.

          And as if this were not enough, it has 50% more perspiration due to its Viscose fabric.

          And as an added value it is biodegradable, antibacterial and very adaptable to any body.

          What if I have a problem?

          The guarantee of Jack Beds latex mattresses is 10 years.

          But this won't be a problem, because if you take good care of it, it can last three times as many years.

          You will be the one to decide that your mattress is boring, while it will be practically perfect from day one.

          How can a latex mattress be kept perfect?

          Maintaining a latex mattress is very simple.

          At Jack Beds, we give you the perfect guidelines to extend the life of your mattress.

          The first step is to ventilate it daily.

          Your mattress only asks you for 15 or 20 minutes a day to catch some air.

          Now more than ever with the great accumulation of viruses and bacteria that there is, it is necessary that we have good ventilation, so as not to damage our life or that of our mattress.

          Another important factor is not to jump on it or put very heavy objects, because it can cause malformations and sinking.

          In the end it's like everything, “if you make good use of it, it will last longer”.

          And in case you notice it a little sunken, because you always take the same place in bed.

          Turn it over! There is no exact date to know when to do it, but it is recommended to do it 2 times a year.

          A very valuable “tip” is to be very careful with cleaning.

          Vacuum it from time to time, avoiding the accumulation of mites.

          And, finally, as with the rest of the mattresses, give them a good base or box spring where they feel so comfortable that they transmit it to yourself.