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Mattress Jack Sport

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  • Perfect for all those sportsmen and sportswomen who are more physically demanding.
  • Viscoelastic mattress.
  • Combination of totally innovative materials with an ideal firmness version for greater comfort.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Try it 100 nights at home without obligation.

5 Years warranty

Viscoelastic mattress


Technical Ice Touch

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New Tact All Year Thanks to Technical Hissi Touch

Improve mobility thanks to his F-Motion Tech 40 kg

Strong and resistant core thanks to 30Kg Firm CoolFoam

Height 26 cm

Technical Ice Touch

Next generation fresh touch fabric.

Viscosoft 8 mm®

It accelerates muscle recovery by 16 mm
of profiled foam.

F-Motion Tech 40kg

HR extra-firm 40 mm technique accompanying the move, recovering its original shape.

Viscoelastic Soft Cell 30 mm

Progressive 360º adaptation with open pore viscoelastic which removes the joint pressure and relaxes the musculature.

Coolfoam® Firm 180 mm

30 kg HR core, light, firm and durable.

Anti-Slip 3D Weave

Prepared to facilitate ventilation of the interior of the mattress.

The JK Sport mattress has everything you need to ensure rest for those demanding athletes who need a rest without limits. Our mattress is made with totally innovative technologies such as ThermicalDUO Fresh® fabrics.

Thanks to these materials, you can spend cooler nights, thanks to its materials. In addition, its TENCEL™ cover will eliminate excess body heat and humidity, offering complete hygiene.

• Progressive adaptation. Its 360º enveloping touch allows total adaptability and ergonomics to offer a quality night recovery.

• Removing moisture and excess heat. Thanks to the ThermicalDUO Fresh® fabric, you can rest without interruption.

• Body perspiration. This mattress will ensure that your body maintains proper body perspiration. The Coolfoam® M-Tech Mousse with which it is made will maintain a fresh rest, with great ventilation and perspiration.

• Better ergonomics. Thanks to the profiled Coolfoam®, it provides a better adaptation in the areas of greatest pressure

• Thermal DUO Fresh fabric. Provides maximum hygiene and safety, eliminating excess body heat and moisture.

• 3D cloth. This fabric with honeycomb micro-perforations creates an air chamber and improves mattress ventilation.

• Cool Foam® M-Tech Mousse. Improves body perspiration, providing a fresh rest, with high ventilation and perspiration.

• ViscoPurple® Green. The mattress offers a sensation of progressive adaptation.

Maria P2022-06-20

Soy deportista y me recomendaron este colchón y la verdad es que nos ha encantado. Mi mujer no es deportista y también esta muy contenta.

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    Mattress Jack Sport

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